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The Indian state Sikkim is one of the most admired tourist destinations for its exotic locations. Whatever the purpose of the tour is, Sikkim fulfils it completely. It shares border with Indian state West Bengal, and neighbouring countries Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. So naturally Sikkim, with its capital town Gangtok, gained the essence of all four countries and is an internationally important place with diversity in everything. Interesting is that Sikkim has different official languages including Hindi, English, Sikkimese, Nepali, Lepcha, Rai etc.

There are different legends behind the naming of Sikkim. One says it is mentioned as ‘Indrakil’ meaning the ‘garden of Lord Indra’ in history. The Tibetan name ‘Drenjong’, which means the ‘valley of rice’, represents the agricultural importance of this place. Another version tells that in Lepcha language it is called as ‘Nye-mae-el’ meaning ‘paradise’.

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